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-(13,Short,Shy) Michael Schmidt giggled. "Hai, she didn't seem very friendly to people who accidentally flashed her."

Appearance: Edit

Michael is a young 13 year old with brown hair which wears a blue and green checkered shirt with dark blue jeans, although he used to wear an old Freddy Fazbear Security guard uniform that was way to big for him. He is 4'4 feet tall and also has a sheath for his knife, pistol holster and a teleporter which he uses to get away from danger or teleport to other dimensions when he is bored. His eyes are normally hazel although it can change to a light blue color when he thinks he is in danger...

Personality/Skills: Edit

He is a nice kid who is quite shy at times. Although he is easily frightened, he has a special 'survival instinct' that can be activated if he is in danger. (This does not always happen...) He is also skilled with a pistol and can also do some 'unusual' things... He has the power of invisibility, although if he moves to fast or makes contact with someone he turns visible. Michael also has the power to heal, but it is quite slow but he can speed it up at sometimes.

Relationships: Edit

Chi Overbeck: Michael finds that Chi feels like the closest sister.

Michelle Schmidt: Michael's actual long lost sister.

Victoria/Purple Girl: Michael is very careful around her. Making sure to not make any sudden movements.

Shiloh Wilcher: They have just met.

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