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Aeron Curtis
In the below image, his wife, Mara, is on the left. Aeron is on the right.
Vital statistics
Position Teacher (fired), worker at Freddys (laid off)
Age 35
Status Dead [1967 - 2003] - executed for the murder of eleven children
Physical attributes
Height Six foot six
Weight Unknown
Aeron Curtis is a tall Welsh man who appears older than he really is, due to the fact he went through a lot of stress in his life. Stress ages you. Also murder.
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He is somewhat bipolar and has severe anger management issues, where he is prone to go into a violent rage on his manic days. The fact he despises children doesn't exactly help this, does it? He is the Purple Guy in Pokey's 'Glasgoch AU', which lays out like this:

The 80’s - FNAF 2 + The Murders

1985 - Aeron Curtis, age eighteen, gets a job at Freddy’s to get extra money. A few days in a row, he forgets to take his meds (he has severe anger issues off of them and tends to end up manic if worked up enough), and ends up getting so angry at a pair of young kids at the pizzeria that he ends up in an irrational state of anger, luring them into the back room and killing them while wearing the golden Freddy costume. These two kids later become two major entities - one hides their identity under an illusion to make them look like golden Freddy, and the other later inhabits the marionette. Aeron begins to work as a student teacher for the local high school to get ready to go into teaching, and currently works with an English teacher.  

1986 - Aeron is nineteen. Four children happen to go missing, as well as the golden Freddy suit. These four later take refuge in the toy animatronics. Aeron student teaches in a foreign languages class for half the year.   

1987 - Aeron is twenty. Four more children go missing, making eyebrows raise at Freddy’s. The pizzeria temporarily closes for a few months, right after the infamous Bite of ‘87 occurs. This puts a boy into a coma, and he soon dies. This boy inhabits Balloon Boy. The pizzeria then reopens, introducing the toy animatronics, the marionette, and BB. Jeremy Fitzergald begins to work as a security guard, but is fired after only a week of working after being caught trying to alter the AI of the animatronics to make them less hostile. Nobody believes that the animatronics tried to kill him. Aeron begins to teach Welsh and English at the high school.  

1988 - Aeron is twenty-one. He is laid off after being attacked by Mangle and given a nasty scar going from above his left eye down to his left hand. The room with Springtrap in it is sealed off before the spirits trick him into killing himself in it, so he gets off scot free.  1989 - Aeron is twenty-two. Freddy’s is closed for a forensic investigation after the corpses of at least eight children are discovered in the sealed off room. No leads are found and the case is quickly dropped, to the shock of the children’s parents. 

The 90’s - FNAF 1 + The Investigation
1990 - Freddy’s is temporarily abandoned, but late in the year remodeling begins. 

1991 - Aeron is twenty-four. He meets Mara, who is a year younger. They begin dating. 

1992 - Aeron is twenty-five. The two get married. Freddy’s is done being remodeled, and a search for employees begins. Mike Schmidt is hired to work as a security guard. 

1993 - Freddy’s reopens, with only four animatronics. After a while, Foxy is quickly retired after scaring a few children by lashing out at them during the day. Mike is fired after seven days of working due to pulling the same thing Jeremy did. 

1994 - After complaints of the animatronics smelling similar to rotting food (or flesh) and sights of blood and mucus leaking out, they are retired and the restaurant (then) permanently closes. Officials restart their investigation after arresting the current owner after discovering that the bodies of at least four of the missing children from 1987 were found in the suits. 

1995 - A few dead leads come up, and officials give up once again.

1996 - Aeron is twenty-nine. Watson is born.

The 2000’s and Beyond - FNAF 3 + The Conviction 

2002 - Watson is six. Aeron is thirty-five. A huge lead comes up on the case of the murdered children and Aeron is soon arrested and convicted of the murder, failing to pass with a plead of insanity. Rhosyn is born. 

2003 - Watson is seven. Aeron is still thirty-five at the time - he is executed just under a year or so after being put on death row via the electric chair. 

2023 - The abandoned Freddy’s restaurant is turned into a haunted house-like area by a group of people, calling it Fredbear’s Fright. Watson and Rhosyn - being twenty-seven and twenty-one respecively - are part of the crew, with the two helping to set things up and also being part of the security guard 'actors’. Watson himself is an actual actor, going into the horror movie biz, coincidentally. 

Later in the year, the building burns to the ground. Watson is shaken badly by the experience. Why?

The ghost of his father was possessing Springtrap.