Angelo comes from the capital of Italy, Rome. He watched his parents die infront of him at a very young age. He stayed in Italy until he was 12, when he found his Father's chest left to him, containing the assassin robes and hidden blades he now wears. After making a few deals with his Father's friends, he was brought out of Italy and to America. Angelo soon excepted the ways of the Brotherhood, becoming an Assassin like his Father. Although he looks happy, he is depressed and sleepy in the inside.

After his first Assassin contract, Angelo's health declined dramatically. He became very sick and rarely ate. Soon more and more of the residents of the house he shared with other members of the Brotherhood became worried. Angelo hadn't assassinated his contract, he saw their stomach cut open and their guts spilled out of them, this traumatized him.

When Angelo was old enough and his health increased, he was allowed to roam around the city he lived. Although catious and shy at times, he would never leave a friend or stranger in danger.