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Dr. Frank Phyllis
Vital statistics
Position Doesn't work at Freddy's. He's a pharmacist, also a surgeon on night shifts. There's something off about what he does, though...
Age 35
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Seven feet
Weight Very underweight
Frank is an abnormally tall, abnormally underweight Greek man. He has a doctorate, and claims to be a surgeon, and a part-time pharmacist. Nothing is really 'right' about Frank, however. He is schizophrenic, barely making it through the day without his medication due to having horrific hallucinations when he isn't taking it.

The truth behind his defacing scars is a project at a company he used to work at, HEAT. He worked in the 'HE' branch - HEAT stands for Human Experimentation And Technology. What a lovely name, am I right? The project was the Stitch project, where their first subjects were their own co-workers. The side-effects would be that they would have defacing, stitched-over scars, and shapeshifting abilities that would involuntarily show themselves in times of stress, anger, or pain.

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To trigger Frank's 'Stitch' abilities, simply do one of the following: make him uncomfortable about his scars, physically harm him, or make him angry. It's not a good idea, though. He acts very... giggly, violent, and has a tendency to act out on his morbid curiosity. That curiosity is a want to find out exactly how the human body works, which is an excuse to cut people open and just stare at their organs. Creepy. When 'stretched', as he calls it, he simply looks stretched out, per se. There are three 'forms' he can take: His normal form, his 'manic' form, which just has sharper teeth and claws and more violent traits, and his 'stretched' form, which pushes his body to the limit.

He is very fast and agile, and very strong if he chooses to exert these traits. It is a bad idea to go 'one on one' with him, as you will likely either die or get experimented on in the aftermath.

To the right are pictures Pokey made herself of Frank to be used as references for his appearance. The bottom one is stylized, as she cannot actually draw his 'stretched' form properly. Gdi.