James Smith
Vital statistics
Position Night guard
Age 21
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 6'2"
Weight 187 Lbs

James Smith is one of the many who work in the night shift at Freddy's. He first got his job at the pizzeria a week or so after his sister, Jenna Smith, did. He rarely comes by anymore, and is considered by the admin as a 'dead' OC.

Appearance Edit

James is caucasian and has has short, brown hair and green eyes, and he usually wears a regular night guard outfit with glasses. He is a pretty average weight and height, and he has an English/Irish ancestry.

Personality Edit

He is usually a nice person to everyone he meets, and his angry side isn't that intimidating either. He mostly doesn't care about the happenings in the pizzeria unless they directly effect someone he knows. He gets nervous under pressure, and yet he hasn't considered quitting the job. His experiences in the pizzeria have taught him that simply not bothering is the right way to go if you want to survive your stay.

Backstory Edit

He didn't have the best childhood, since during the age of 10 his mother died in a housefire, but him, his sister and his father survived. When he was 20, he was accepted as a night guard at the pizzeria and met some new people along the way, such as Isaac Theifston and Xynna Reap. At the age of 21, a few weeks after he first joined the night shift, his father died of cancer.

Relationships Edit

James has a current relationship with Phantom Mangle, and in the past he has dated her regular form. Other experiences have included some unexpected visits from Jack Rabbit and Artman.