Jaydin C., also known as Jay, or rebornAncientalitites, is one of the many recurring visitors of the chat. He is known to be... quite downgrading of himself, but manages to keep track of a plethora of characters, two being Marion, who has been active for about 8 months, and Simon, see wiki. He is one of the elder, but not one of the eldest, known people of the official 'Beginnings' of the chat. He was there when you entered without it being full. But, otherwise, he tends to be exceedingly hateful of himself, but manages to find a way to try, and vainly attempt, to make any problems including himself die down, in which the outcome is varied. His oldest known associates are Lori, Chris, Jake/Husk, and Dave. He is mainly seen around Deathra or Roch, maybe Flame.