Vital statistics
Position Cashier/Ninja
Age 18
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5"5
Weight  ???

Ninjoy is one of the members of the Ninjutsu Family Clan, a group of siblings whose original village was burned down and killed off, them being the sole survivors of the tragedy. As a struggling family, Ninjoy works as the cashier of the pizzeria, sometimes replacing any absent nightguards. She is a skilled master of ninjutsu and martial arts. She also has several magical powers, such as teleportation and telekinetic abilities. There are currently four members in their family. Ninjoy, her older sister Rudra, her older brother Kuroko, and a young orphan they adopted into their family, Yippy, who eventually turned into Yakuza.


Ninjoy is an extremely hyper girl, always being bored and seeking fun and adventure. She is a bit overreactive, but she never fails to help her friends, at least sometimes. She loves soup, chicken and noodles. Due to some mannerisms she has had since a child, she will sometimes use her power in unfitting situations, even when just throwing out the trash.


She is the typical Ninja, wearing a purple bandana only revealing her eyes, having a black, purple and maroon tint to her clothes. As a cashier, she wears the standard pizzeria uniform, with its logo on her pizza hat. In her pajamas, she sleeps with Hello Kitty pajamas... for some reason.


*Her real name is Kagame Kuronada, of the third clan of Naiboro.

*She is one of only two people who have access to the Underground Tunnelway.

**The other one being Xynna.

*She is the only person to have access to a secret function room that can control the pizzeria's mechanisms.

*She REALLY, REALLY loves food.

*Xynna is the only person who taught her manners.