Simon Tarek is the currently active Springtrap as of September 2015, and currently holds place as one of the more serious patrons of the restaurant. He is known by two other names, both which he hates with a passion. Benjamin Edolas Bonnie, and Max DeWayne. In other words, his original name, and the poor, unfortunate soul that currently resides in his tattered and torn vessel.

Although Simon is a Springtrap, he has no stomach to kill a guard, or anyone for that matter, for which he is trying to fix. If he sees any type of overly large wound or any gore, he has an extensive gag, and hurl, reflex, in which he will empty his sit of different body parts of the deceased Mr Dewayne.

He currently affiliates with few other patrons, but is most friendly around a certain Superbeast, by the name of Spook, who lives in the safer, with himself. Besides that, he has a certain liking to his dear sister, another Springtrap by the name of Sarah, admin Lori, and, of course, Dave. He also kissed said Sister, and now, as punishment, has the mindset of a 6 year old.

The Superbeast is expectant with his children, or "Pups", and he currently resides in the saferoom.

Admin Jaydin C. (R.A.)

Vital Information-

  • Height: 9"9
  • Weight: 800 lbs
  • Age: (Claimed) 56(?)
  • Current Position: [Unavailable Due to Threats of Harm]